Here you see a small selection of our meals.


king prawns and shells grilled with herbes, garlic and tomatoes with noodles and olive oil

cantaloup-melon served with Italian ham


clear beef bouillon with thick noodles

juicy tomatoe soup with whipped cream and croutons


seasonal salad with grilled shrimp and croutons

salad "fitness" with grilled chicken


Bodensee white fish grilled in butter with potatoes and salad

pike-perch grilled in garlic butter and herbes with rice and salad

perch grilled in lemon sauce with homemade "spaetzle" and salad


fried pork escalope with fries and mixed salad

filet of lamb with garlc and herbes girlled with green beans, tomatoes and potatoes

rump steak with green pepper, vegetables and fried potatoes


créme caramel with whipped cream

baked apple slices with sugar, vanilla ice and whipped cream

homemade vanilla parfait with apricot slices and mango sauce